Pressure Vessel

WONIL T&I is producing and delivering a wide range of pressure vessels such as reactors, columns, towers, double wall type of vessels and so on to petrochemical industries, power plants, shipbuilding yards, LNG terminals and so on according to the international standards and customers’ specifications.

Tobolsk Power Plant Project
Customer Linde KCA
Country Russia
Year 2009
Remarks 4 Sets
Major Experience
No. Project Owner Customer Country Year Remarks
1 HPC PJT Hyundai Oil Bank DL E&C Korea 2020 26 Sets
2 Boryeong LNG Terminal Phase 2 PJT Boryeong LNG Terminal GS E&C Korea 2020 2 Sets
3 Incheon LNG Terminal PJT KOGAS KOGAS Korea 2016 2 Sets/td>
4 Incheon R&D PJT LNG Plant R&D Center GS E&C Korea 2013 10 Sets
5 Incheon LNG Terminal PJT KOGAS Hyundai E&C Korea 2013 1 Set
6 Samcheok LNG Terminal PJT KOGAS Doosan Heavy Industry Korea 2013 21 Sets
7 GOLAR FSRU PJT GOLAR LNG Samsung Heavy industry 2012 6 Sets
8 SLNG 2nd Berth PJT SLNG Samsung C&T Singapore 2011~2012 6 Sets
9 KNPC AGRP PJT KNPC Technimont Kuwait 2012 14 Sets
10 Daesan BPA PJT LG Chem LG Chem Korea 2012 41 Sets
Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

WONIL T&I covers the entire phase of shell and tube heat exchangers from the basic design based on heat transfer interpretation to detailed design and manufacturing and uses the HTRI program normally for the design and uses TEMA, ASME Sec. VIII as the standard of detailed design.

POSCO Power Plant Project
Owner KNPC
Customer GS E&C
Country Kuwait
Remarks 12 Sets
Major Experience
No. Project Owner Customer Country Year Remarks
1 SGCC PJT UNG Enter Engineering Uzbekistan 2022 1 Set
2 Datan Add-On CCPP For Unit No.7 PJT Taiwan Power CO. Hyundai Engineering Taiwan 2022 2 Sets
3 EUGENE Super Freeze Pyeongtack O-seong Plant EUGENE KOGAS TECH Korea 2018 2 Sets
4 Shingori 5,6 Nuclear Power Plant PJT KHNP KHNP Korea 2018 5 Sets
5 O-Seong Governor Station PJT KOGAS KOGAS Korea 2014 1 Set
6 Ansan Governor Station PJT KOGAS KOGAS Korea 2014 1 Set
7 North LPG Tank Farm PJT KNPC GS E&C Kuwait 2013 12 Sets
8 Daesan PJT Samsung Total Samsung Total Korea 2012 3 Sets
9 Daesan BPA PJT LG Chem LG Chem Korea 2012 67 Sets
10 Dongtan Governor Station KOGAS KOGAS Korea 2011 2 Sets
11 Al-Khalij Power Plant GECOL Hyundai E&C Libya 2010 10 Sets
12 POSCO Power Plant Unit 5,6 POSCO E&C POSCO E&C Korea 2009 ~ 2010 2 Sets
13 Wolsong PJT KHNP KHNP Korea 2009 2 Sets
14 SHARQ 3rd Extension PJT SHARQ Linde-KCA-Dresden GMBH Saudi Arabia 2006 41 Sets
Pig Launcher & Receiver

If alien substances that entered the pipe the pig launcher and receiver can be used to remove alien substances after the pipe construction works by using ‘Pig(Circular-shaped foreign material removal device)’ .

ILI(Intelligent) Pig Trap Project
Customer KOGAS
Country Korea
Year 2016
Remarks 6 Sets
Nigeria EGP3-A Project
Owner Chevron Nigeria Limited..
Customer Chevron / Hyundai Heavy Industries
Country Nigeria
Remarks Dia : 32” x 28”, DP : 380 Bar
Major Experience
No. Project Owner Customer Country Year Remarks
1 King's Quay FPS PJT LLOG Exploration Company, LLC Hyundai Heavy Industries Mexico 2020 2 Sets
2 Ca Mau Gas Processing Plant PJT Petro Vietnam Gas Posco E&C Vietnam 2019 4 Sets
3 Al Zour New Refinery PJT KIPIC SK E&C/Hyundai E&C/Saipem Kuwait 2017 10 Sets
4 ILI(Intelligent) Pig Trap PJT KOGAS KOGAS Korea 2016 6 Sets
5 Samcheok LNG Terminal KOGAS DL E&C Korea 2012 2 Sets
6 OFON PJT ELF Petroleum Nigeria Limited TOTAL/Hyundai Engineering Nigeria 2012 6 Sets
7 Inter Refinery Pipeline 2 PJT Takreer GS E&C 아랍에미리트 2012 22 Sets
8 Yeosu Oil Tank Terminal PJT KNOC Hyundai E&C Korea 2011 16 Sets
9 SLNG Terminal PJT SLNG Samsung C&T Singapore 2011 3 Sets
10 Usan Deepwater Development PJT Elf Petroleum Nigeria Limited. Samsung Total / Hyundai Heavy Industries Vietnam 2009 5 Sets
11 Phu My Gas Pipeline PJT HCMC NACAP Vietnam 2007 4 Sets
12 Nigeria EGP3-A PJT Chevron Nigeria Limited.. CHEVRON / Hyundai Heavy Industries Nigeria 2006 2 Sets